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Patrakomala is an information and mapping portal of creative ecosystem in Bandung City. Build and launched by Creative Economy Division of Bandung City Culture and Tourism Department. Patrakomala aggregates information and data from all creative economy enablers in the seventeen subsectors of Bandung City creative economical, and maps them to an information center that is easy to access to all parties involved, from project owners, investors, stakeholders, to the general public. Patrakomala also serves as a news portal that showcases the latest news surrounding activities and everything else related to creative economical of Bandung City.

Patrakomala is one of Bandung City's government real step to support the development of creative economical as well as the enablers and stakeholders involved in it.

Patrakomala can be used to search and map information and data of businesses in Bandung City creative economy. Patrakomala users can look for these businesses either by creative economy subsectors or by area or district.